2612, 2012

Signs you’re on a terrible date

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Bad dates, we’ve all been on them. You know the type: When you walk into the restaurant, take one look at your date, and think “Oh my God, what was I thinking?” He/she opens their [...]

2512, 2012

The right time to say “I Love You”

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  Saying those three words is a big deal. Once they are said there is no turning back. Your feelings are out there, and now you can only brace yourself hoping that your partner will [...]

2412, 2012

How to flatter anyone

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Flattery is like sweet music to your date’s ears. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to seduce others if it’s employed correctly. Ever noticed how men who aren’t rich or even that good-looking [...]

2312, 2012

How to flirt with a shy guy

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Girls gush over shy guys because they are incredibly humble, sensitive and cute. They make girls swoon but they also frustrate women with their lack of aggressiveness and their inability to seal the deal. You’ve [...]

2212, 2012

How the shy guy’s mind works

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Shy men baffle women with their inability to initiate contact and make other feel comfortable. If you’re currently interested in dating a shy guy, then you need to take note of how and why he [...]

2112, 2012

How to deal with shy guys

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Dating a shy guy can be extremely frustrating for women who are used to dating men who take charge, and display obvious signs of interest. Instead, shy guys suffer from crippling anxiety that makes them [...]

2012, 2012

What to do after you slept with your roommate

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When you live with someone of the opposite sex, it can be incredibly difficult not to become extremely comfortable or grow feelings of fondness. You two share a home, a bathroom and a kitchen. You [...]

1912, 2012

How to tell someone you just want to be friends

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In the world of dating, we often find ourselves attracted to certain individuals for a period and then, like a light switch, we suddenly realize that we want nothing from a person than to just [...]

1812, 2012

Weird sexual fetishes that you’ve probably never heard of

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Thanks to the exponential growth of internet porn, we have an array of weird and wonderful fetishes that cater to every strange sexual palate out there. For those who enjoy viewing these strange fetishes there [...]

1712, 2012

The most outrageous Japanese sex fetishes

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We all know that when it comes to sexual fetishes, the Japanese win the prize for having the bizarre, outlandish and most disgusting kinks. They like weird stuff, and it’s almost paradoxical considering that Japanese [...]