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6 Dangers of Dating on Vacation

Here are 7 dangers of (adult) Dating for Girls you need to keep in your mind while being on vacation and you want the perfect vacation fling or one night stand. So before you go and find sex consider the following: 1. Don't drink too much and don't do drugs. you need to keep good [...]

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Sex on Vacation Tips nr. 2

Hooking up on vacation should be stressless, frustration-less and easy. Using a sex dating website such as or will make it easy for you to get Casual Sex without frustrations. You simply sign up, hook up and get Laid. it sounds too simple, but especially on vacation it is. Ladies on vacations are [...]

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Using Online Sex Dating when you are on Holiday

Hooking up local girls while you are on vacation might be easy for some, for most of us it will be a frustrating process. Online Adult Dating might be an effective solution. Just pick the sunny location where you are right now and meet your hot date this very evening in the local night club. [...]

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Pretty Woman Dating will get you lifetime sexpartners

PrettyWoman Dating devotes itself on offering the most efficiant ways to find sex partners. This is done through specialising in various niches to get as much likeminded people on the same websites so your successrate in actually hooking up will be way high higer than on mainstream matchmaking solutions such as tinder or even snapchat. [...]

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Ohlala, check out this new Uber for Escorts

After the success of paid dating site from founder Brandon Wade, we all knew there is a niche out there for paid dating. And these guys from Germany are going to cash in on the app part of it here in the States. And they are starting in New York with Ohlala, a contoversial [...]

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Another reason to masturbate more often

For many men, masturbation is a favorite pastime which allows for personal space, and the release of one's inner fantasies. Men are encouraged to masturbate, while women are gaining momentum when it comes to talking about issues of self-pleasuring. Masturbation is the key unlocking powerful orgasms in the bedroom, and even, the necessary requirement for [...]

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Life Lessons: What women really want from men

Men would pay millions if they only knew how to please women and never have them complain at all. Women are tricky to please mainly because they come with so many unknown expectations about what a partner is and not to mention their emotions can sometimes get the best of them. However, when all is [...]

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Rules for seeing your ex again

It’s been months, maybe years since you last saw your ex. Your goodbye was bittersweet and when it was done you set forth on a journey to discover who you were again. You got in touch with old friends, and reignited all your old hobbies that you forgot about when you were in the relationship. [...]

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The unwritten rules of friends with benefits relationships

The concept of having a friend with benefits has really taken off over the past few years. Many of us are so busy that we cannot fathom the thought of being in a relationship but we still need to satisfy our carnal desires to have sex often. The FWB is the perfect compromise, as long [...]

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How to build intimacy

Intimacy is the building block on long lasting love. Without it, there would be no trust, connection or positive energy. Intimacy involves sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences with another person and committing towards an idea of growing together as one unit. Building intimacy takes effort and patience, but there are numerous tips out there that [...]

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