Here are 7 dangers of (adult) Dating for Girls you need to keep in your mind while being on vacation and you want the perfect vacation fling or one night stand. So before you go and find sex consider the following:

Don’t drink too much and don’t do drugs. you need to keep good – great judgement in order not to make mistakes you will be sorry for.
2. Bring a friend along. Tell him that you only go when your friend is allowed to go. when the vibe is ok, then you can always go for a second solo date.
3. Go to safe places. Google the location first and evoluate if its a safe location.
4. Look for integrity, a guy who looks great, can end up hurting you when he lacks any form of integrity. No matter its a sexdate or not, predatory or manipulative guys are not the ones you should go after, no matter how sexy they look.
5. this might be obvious, but have Safe Sex!. No Unprotected Sex Ever. Plenty of nice guys have STDs.
6. Know the signs of emotional blackmail. Avoid guys who “demand” instead of “ask,” who turn every discussion into a debate, or who put uncomfortable pressure on you.