For many men, masturbation is a favorite pastime which allows for personal space, and the release of one’s inner fantasies. Men are encouraged to masturbate, while women are gaining momentum when it comes to talking about issues of self-pleasuring. Masturbation is the key unlocking powerful orgasms in the bedroom, and even, the necessary requirement for men to last longer in the sack. But it’s all about how you’re masturbating because there is definitely a good and a bad way to learn certain behaviors that affect us in the sack. So here’s what you need to know:

Always use lubrication – Dry sex is bad sex, so you always want to keep a solid amount of lube beside your masturbation station. It makes everything feel better, and it also helps to prevent irritations. Drug stores sell different varieties of the stuff, so you can a minty lube (for a tingling sensation) or a warming lube (which heats up on contact).

Don’t rush yourself – Masturbation is your time to indulge and enjoy your own personal space. Rushing yourself won’t train you to last longer in bed. What you want to do is get to the point of climax and slow it down a bit. This will train you not to come when you suddenly feel the urge. Keep using this momentum until you can no longer contain the orgasm – its guaranteed to be epic.

Resist the urge to over visualize – if you use visualization techniques to arouse yourself, then this habit could screw you over when it actually comes to having sex with a woman. Because the visuals are right in front of you and your mind is on auto-pilot to be creating arousing images, then you stand a far greater chance of cumming too soon. You want to train yourself to feel the arousal in your loins, it should be natural and it will help you focus on the situation at hand.

Keep in mind that masturbation is a healthy way to keep your favorite organ functioning, and it also releases dopamine which actually makes you happier.