The concept of having a friend with benefits has really taken off over the past few years. Many of us are so busy that we cannot fathom the thought of being in a relationship but we still need to satisfy our carnal desires to have sex often. The FWB is the perfect compromise, as long as you remain unattached. That’s the hardest part because sex breeds intimacy which can lead to rocky territory if one partner becomes more romantically involved than the other.

Having a clear set of guidelines to help avoid awkwardness is absolutely imperative. Follow our recommended guideline to ensure optimal satisfaction without the emotional heartache:

Rule 1: Define the relationship

It’s important that you and your fuck buddy discuss the terms and conditions of your relationship. Make sure that both of you is clear on the idea of never being in a relationship and that your agreement is purely on physical terms. You may want to establish a set of rules, such as no cuddling, no cute texts, or no official dates because these behaviors lead in the relationship direction.

Rule 2: Be sexually attracted

Choose your fuck buddy wisely. It has to be someone who you are sexually attracted to, but would never ever get into a relationship with. Could be your polar opposite or someone much younger/older than you who you know is just worth the fucking and nothing else. Once the sex gets stale, then that is your warning sign to peace the scene.

Rule 3: Don’t get attached

The golden rule of friends with benefits is never become attached. Both of you really has to commit to knowing that the relationship will end. You must be able to talk openly about other people that you are dating, and be cool with the idea that they might be banging people other than you. If you can keep your emotions out of it then it’s probably for the best. If you find yourself becoming attached then you have the clear the air with your FWB.

In theory, having a FWB is a beautiful idea but in practice it can be messy and sometimes heartbreaking so choose your fuck buddies wisely.