Intimacy is the building block on long lasting love. Without it, there would be no trust, connection or positive energy. Intimacy involves sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences with another person and committing towards an idea of growing together as one unit. Building intimacy takes effort and patience, but there are numerous tips out there that will help and your partner become more intimate:

Be present – In the world of constant distraction, finding someone who focuses on us with their full attention can be difficult. But we don’t realize how much we appreciate attentiveness until we have a partner who is constantly distracted by their Iphones or other frivolous gadgets. Show respect for your partner by paying attention and listening to them, this will encourage acceptance which will strengthen your bond.

Eye contact – love is all in the eyes. Our eyes are dead giveaways of our thoughts and feelings, so ensure that when you are talking to your partner that you maintain heavy eye contact with them. Or even better, just have moments when you look each other in the eyes and say nothing at all. The comfortable silence confirms shared feelings of love and trust.

Show affection – affection has a “feel good” effect on lovers due to the hormones it releases in your brain. Simple acts like holding hands or cuddling ignite feelings of fondness which facilitates intimacy. It can also make your sex sessions for more sensual.

Never judge – Supporting your partner and never judging them based on their actions, thoughts and beliefs is the ultimate tool when it comes to building intimacy. Showing that you accept someone for who they are is what love is all about. Being supportive means helping someone boost their self-esteem in low times, providing general advice or feedback on an issue, and helping with any additional problem solving.