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Another reason to masturbate more often

For many men, masturbation is a favorite pastime which allows for personal space, and the release of one's inner fantasies. Men are encouraged to masturbate, while women are gaining momentum when it comes to talking about issues of self-pleasuring. Masturbation is the key unlocking powerful orgasms in the bedroom, and even, the necessary requirement for [...]

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Life Lessons: What women really want from men

Men would pay millions if they only knew how to please women and never have them complain at all. Women are tricky to please mainly because they come with so many unknown expectations about what a partner is and not to mention their emotions can sometimes get the best of them. However, when all is [...]

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Rules for seeing your ex again

It’s been months, maybe years since you last saw your ex. Your goodbye was bittersweet and when it was done you set forth on a journey to discover who you were again. You got in touch with old friends, and reignited all your old hobbies that you forgot about when you were in the relationship. [...]

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The unwritten rules of friends with benefits relationships

The concept of having a friend with benefits has really taken off over the past few years. Many of us are so busy that we cannot fathom the thought of being in a relationship but we still need to satisfy our carnal desires to have sex often. The FWB is the perfect compromise, as long [...]

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How to build intimacy

Intimacy is the building block on long lasting love. Without it, there would be no trust, connection or positive energy. Intimacy involves sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences with another person and committing towards an idea of growing together as one unit. Building intimacy takes effort and patience, but there are numerous tips out there that [...]

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Signs you’re on a terrible date

Bad dates, we’ve all been on them. You know the type: When you walk into the restaurant, take one look at your date, and think “Oh my God, what was I thinking?” He/she opens their mouth, and the first words uttered are like spikes to your spine. We thought there was initial attraction, however the [...]

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The right time to say “I Love You”

  Saying those three words is a big deal. Once they are said there is no turning back. Your feelings are out there, and now you can only brace yourself hoping that your partner will return the favor. Saying “I love you” should be such a simple act – after all, it’s the phrase that [...]

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How to flatter anyone

Flattery is like sweet music to your date’s ears. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to seduce others if it’s employed correctly. Ever noticed how men who aren’t rich or even that good-looking manage to win over beautiful women because of their charm? Well, flattery is a huge part of what charm entails [...]

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How to flirt with a shy guy

Girls gush over shy guys because they are incredibly humble, sensitive and cute. They make girls swoon but they also frustrate women with their lack of aggressiveness and their inability to seal the deal. You’ve got to know what you’re dealing with in order to make a shy guy come your way. Learning how to [...]

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How the shy guy’s mind works

Shy men baffle women with their inability to initiate contact and make other feel comfortable. If you’re currently interested in dating a shy guy, then you need to take note of how and why he responds to certain situations the way he does. Here are just a few different scenarios and how the shy guy [...]

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